Nairobi Kenya/ NGO StreetLife Care Org

A guest blog by Nicole Brewer

793702_479868442062470_751874465_o-169x300A couple months ago I had the distinct pleasure to take a volunteerism trip to Kenya during my break from teaching in the Middle East. I really wanted to do something that was out of the box, instead of a regular vacation.  A friend of mine introduced me beforehand to a really great NGO group called StreetLife Care Org. that goes out into the streets of Nairobi to feed impoverished street kids. It was my first eye-opening experience to see firsthand runaways partaking in huffin’glue.  Please visit the embedded link to see details on this great organization.  I believe they can help impart change with their firsthand experiences with kids huffin’ glue.

Nairobi Kenya NGO StreetLife Care Org